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Extraordinary Solutions


Direct Profit Group is a consulting & management firm committed to providing services businesses/clients with the best services that add value to their businesses.

We act as principal in some developmental investment venture and capital projects and we are also a broker and consulting agent, representing the investment & project funding interests of our various clients.

Our mission is to be the premier consulting & managment firm, globally brokering a wide range of products & investments including but not limited to commodities, banking instrument, energy, oil & gas capital projects and much more, while maintaining our integrity and the integrity of our clients/investors.




We are open to opportunities wherever they can be found, we consult in the various line of businesses and can quickly complete a transaction. We combines global vision with the local insights in the countries where do business; from onset of the deal sourcing, due diligence to bringing potential sellers and buyers to together to get the business won and done.

We are able to facilitate a soft landing for companies seeking to do business in the most of European, Middle East, Asian, African countries, such as through our thorough due diligence and our on the ground connections in these various fast growing markets.

Our Consulting Services:

Consulting with local companies seeking capital investments, technical partnership, new technologies, expertise and funding which in most cases is lacking for the local companies.

Consulting in various ventures by either putting together a team or securing a partnership. We would be involved as a partner in such ventures.

Acting as a broker or agent on arranging ventures or business transactions between commodities buyer and sellers

Brokerage: we have a list of reputable sellers and buyers that are willing ready and able to complete a transaction, we can provide various procedures that would make for a quick closing of a deal.


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We deals in physical commodities, we source and/or sell products in partnership with suppliers and we buy in partnership with our established buyers. Our business has been working to develop the vital link in the commodities supply chain, and we have now succeeded. We have established grounds at both ends of the supply chain and know well the requirements for this industry.
The following are the commodities we deal in:

Agricultural: Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Coca, Coffee, Corn, Oats, Soyabeans, Cotton, 

Metals: Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Mangnesuium, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Recycle Steel (HMS 1 & HMS 2)


Precious: Gold, Platinum, Silver, Rough Diamonds


Energy: Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Steam Coal


Other: Cement, Urea, Palmoil, Rubber, Fruits, Nuts and Cooking Oil

Rough Diamonds: with a network of established miners/sellers in several producing countries we can source quality gemstones and act as buyers representative or facilitators in large transactions. We offer spot deals or long term contracts with rolls and extension to rough diamond buyers.

Gold: we source alluvial gold dust of high purity and fineness, and gold bars formed to GOLD specifications internationally accepted hallmark in any quantity with rolls and extensions.

Petroleum Products: Diesel-High Speed D2/D6, Jet Fuel JP54, Mazut-M100-75/99, LPG, LNG and Bio Diesel.


Bank Instrument: LTN, MTN, BG, SBLC, BD, CD, SKR and Bonds (Corporate & Treasury) - Bank Instrument Leasing, Purchasing, Discounting and Monetizing


OIL & GAS: JV, Technical Partnership, Remediation and Oil Block Sale Brokerage

Our Social Responsibility

It is of utmost importance to our us that we operate in a manner that respects the health, safety and rights of all people and which promotes the well-being of our environment. Our gold & gemstones are sourced in-country. When sourcing, we maintain the strictest adherence to all standard industry protocols, and are deeply invested in working with & the local community that are committed to sustainable & community development.


For rough diamonds, we source in countries that are members of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. The Kimberly Process, as initiated by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56, is a process by which the origin of rough diamonds is subjected to intense scrutiny, and is intended to provide diamond buyers with assurance that the diamonds they purchase are not what are popularly referred to as “conflict diamonds.” In other words, diamonds obtained from sources that adhere to Kimberly Process certification.

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We acts as a consultant, or as principal in generating growth-enhancing investments mostly in the developing countries. We achieve in various ways such helping investors buy or invest in indigenous firms, real estate projects, quarry projects, reneweable energy projects and much much.

Our most valuable contribution does not only come by bringing in the foreign investment in the domestic settings and the creating of new job opportunities, but from the transfer of globally competitive technologies and business practices. Foreign investors we facilitate bring packages of technology, management, quality control procedures, human resource practices and experience in managing external relationships that are ultimately transferred to local firms, increasing their productivity and benefiting partners and investors
Mechanized Quarry & Crushing Plant Project Opportunity In the pipeline is a project to mechanized an existing Quarry & Crushing Plant to increasing the extraction/mining of granite and crush granite into stone chips used for constructions of buildings, roads etc. We have several un-mined sites an existing site where stone/gravel producers are extracting a variety of raw materials (limestone, granite and sand etc) in small amounts however, opportunity exist for a larger production and bigger and better mechanized plants.
Our area of development interests include but not limited to the following; Energy, IT, Technology, Commercial Real Estate, Education, Agriculture and much.

Contact Us to discuss potential opportunities and for more information on the above Project.


We believes that significant value can be created by combining disciplined and conservative approach with businesses in industries where there is potential for significant growth; we exercise thorough and comprehensive deal due diligence, and are able to move quickly to complete a transaction. Our philosophy in 100% due diligence cultivates long-term partnership with all the parties involved in a transaction.


Our Investment approach:

We invests as well as seek both technical and financial partnership/Joint venture in verious field of services.

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Through our due diligence and market knowledge we specialize in the importation and transaction of rough diamonds to fulfill high-end buyers needs.


We are create funding opportunities in all our investment areas, partnership and JV arrangement that are beneficially to all parties involved. We strive to add value and give high returns on investment to our clients and at the same time contribution to the people lives and community where we do business; this is are corporate and social responsibility.